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Crystal Healing is one of a range of natural holistic therapies which are complementary to orthodox medicine. Like other therapies it works with the body to create balance and harmony in a natural way without drugs, treating the whole person - mind - body - spirit.

Crystal Healing is not new - it has been around for thousands of years and was particularly used by the ancient Egyptians. Our predecessors knew the powerful healing properties of crystals, which come from the Earth as a result of energy from natural forces such as ancient stars, the sun, the movement of the earth and heat from volcanic rock. Crystals are not just pretty objects but valuable tools which contain special healing powers to boost your health. Each crystal treatment uses different crystal layouts.

A typical Crystal Healing session is practiced with the patient fully clothed lying comfortably on a couch or sitting in a chair if this is more acceptable. After a brief history of medical conditions and ailments to ascertain if Crystal Healing is right for the patient, beautiful crystals are put on or near to the body to create a gentle flow of energy around the body, bringing a feeling of peace and tranquility and allowing the body to start to heal itself.

Ailments & conditions that can be treated by Crystal Healing include:

Headaches - stress/tension - back pain - arthritis - osteoporosis - common cold - kidney - liver - urinary problems - tinnitus - female conditions - male sex problems - blood disorders - IBS - candida - depression - low energy - emotional upsets - diabetes, plus many more.