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Distant healing uses crystals healing energy and Reiki energy and is a very powerful healing technique if you are unable to enjoy these therapies in person.

Distant healing could be the answer if you wish to send healing to a friend or relative in another town, country, or maybe another continent as distance is no problem. Of course, this type of healing can be requested for yourself should you be unable to visit your own therapist.

This form of healing can promote feelings of peace and calm, release stress and emotions and can assist in the healing process in the same way that crystal healing and Reiki work. The ailments and conditions covered by crystal healing and Reiki are as follows:

Headaches - stress/tension - back pain - arthritis - osteoporosis - common cold - kidney - liver - urinary problems - tinnitus - female conditions - male sex problems - blood disorders - IBS - candida - depression - low energy - emotional upsets - diabetes - plus many more.

It is not necessary for the recipient to participate in the healing, but it can be beneficial. Setting aside a quiet time to sit, or lie down, without any interruptions, allowing your mind to be "open" to accept healing, begins to facilitate the healing process.

After the healing the person requesting the healing will receive a brief report, a meditation and suggestions to help their friend/relative or themselves continue their treatment and allow it to be integrated within their energy vibrations.

When tuning in to someone's higher consciousness on a psychic basis and when the angelic kingdom is asked for assistance, then that distant healing is very powerful. The recipient may sometimes be aware of a tingling sensation or have a feeling that healing is taking place. The healing energies will always be working to the highest good of the patient.

We always suggest that permission for the distant healing is agreed by the recipient wherever possible.