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Hypnosis has existed in one form or another since time began. It is not known when the practice of hypnosis originated but it is known that ancient Egyptians used a form of it.

The scientific conception of hypnotism was born in the late 1700s with Franz Mesmer, an Austrian physician. A 19th century Scottish surgeon, James Braid originated the terms hypnotism and hypnosis based on the Greek word for 'to sleep' which is hypnos.

Hypnosis refers to the trance state, a hypnotist is a person who induces this state and a hypnotherapist is someone who induces hypnosis to treat illness and problems.

During hypnosis you are always in control, if you didn't agree with something said to you whilst in trance you would not accept the suggestion. During hypnosis your body becomes very relaxed, but your mind remains focused. You will be aware of all that is said to you, but may feel that you are hearing it from a distance.

Many illnesses and problems can be helped by hypnotherapy, including:

* Addictions
* Anger
* Anxiety
* Blood Pressure
* Depression
* Migraine
* Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
* Phobias
* Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
* Smoking
* Stress
* Weight problems