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Regression can heal the body by first healing the mind. You do not have to accept the idea of past lives or reincarnation for this therapy to work. All that is needed is an openness and willingness to try this therapy.

Many patients have been successfully treated with this method of healing. Using Regression as a therapeutic tool for a variety of psychological and physical symptoms can be very effective in resolving and healing old emotional wounds and behaviour patterns.

Regression, using gentle relaxation, can aid the relief of chronic symptoms and illnesses, especially those affected by the functioning of the immune system and those that may have a psychosomatic content. It is particularly effective in the treatment of pain, headaches that do not respond to orthodox medication, allergies, asthma and stress-induced or immune-system related conditions such as ulcers and arthritis.

Whilst in deep relaxation, in a safe and comfortable environment, you can go back to previous occasions to discover when the symptoms or illnesses first occurred. Regression is the mental act of going back to an earlier time, whenever that may be, in order to retrieve memories that may still be influencing your present life and could possibly be the source of problems. Sometimes the simple act of remembering will result in healing.

At no time during Regression are you out of control, and if you didn't agree with a suggestion from the therapist, your unconscious mind would not comply.