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Reiki is a Japanese word (pronounced 'Ray-Kee'), which refers to any type of healing work based on universal life force energy. All that is required for Reiki to be successful is a willingness to be healed.

The Reiki therapist channels the life force energy through their hands into the patient's body, thereby encouraging the body to heal itself. Reiki works on all levels of the patient's body and aura - the mental, emotional and physical - to reach the cause, as well as the physical symptoms of the illness or dis-ease.

The patient often feels a warm or occasionally cold sensation over the part of the body being healed. In this way, blockages of negativity and stress are released, leaving the patient feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.

This healing is performed with the patient lying fully clothed on the treatment couch or sitting in a chair if that is more comfortable.

You will need to allow about one hour for this healing treatment and spend a quiet time after the healing to allow the Reiki energies to be integrated within the body.

Regular treatments on a weekly basis are advisable until the patient can sustain sufficient energy to allow the body to start the healing process. After that, as the patient becomes stronger, the interval between treatments can be spread out.

Benefits of Reiki
* Feelings of peace and calm
* Balances the energies
* Powerful yet gentle
* Heals the whole person
* Releases stress
* Helps the release of emotions