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Reiki is taught in three stages - anyone can learn it. All that is required is a wish to heal yourself and others. Reiki teaching courses are held regularly in Windsor and Maidenhead and always in small groups for maximum individual attention.

Reiki I - on this first degree course you will learn the Reiki history and how Reiki works, together with the hand positions required to practice Reiki from day one. Awareness of the causes of dis-ease and dis-harmony and an introduction to chakras and auras will be taught.

Reiki II - on this second degree course, you will learn how to send distant healing and will be taught three sacred Reiki symbols to use which will strengthen your healing energies. It will now be possible to direct energy into projects, clear rooms of negative energies and use the symbols to protect your family and home. After this degree, with insurance cover, you will be able to practice Reiki healing on a fee basis. During meditations you will have the opportunity of meeting your Reiki guides and helpers. Decording and the use of colour will also be covered on this level.

Reiki III - this degree can be taught in two parts - Practitioner and Teacher. The Master symbols and how to use them are taught on the Practitioner course. On the Teacher course you will also be shown how to run a teaching session and attune Reiki students, receive meditation tuition and understand the responsibilities of a Reiki Master

Reiki practice sessions
On-going support is available with regular Reiki workshops and practice sessions being held in Maidenhead and Windsor.