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Remote regression uses a combination of hypnotherapy and spirit release techniques and, by definition, the client does not need to be present.

We work on a high spiritual energy vibration and contact the person's higher self, always with their permission. When permission is obtained, we then ask the higher self to go back to the very first occasion the problem presented itself.

Whilst in a deep relaxation, in a safe and comfortable environment, it is possible to go back to previous times to discover when the symptoms, illness or situation first occurred. These memories may still be influencing the client's present life.

Sometimes the simple act of the memory being recalled may result in healing. A report is then sent to the client giving details of the past occasion that may have a bearing on the present day situation.

Clients requesting remote regression therapy should realise, however, that any report is subject to the interpretation of the scanner. A client application form must be signed and returned before any remote regression therapy takes place.