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Thoughts, emotions and past events can leave their energy cords attached to the place where the experience occurred. Space Clearing helps clear houses and buildings of negative upsetting energies, ghosts, bad karma, curses and bad omens, etc., that may have invaded the space. Poltergeist activity, haunting and ghosts can leave cold unwelcoming areas or unexplained bad odours. Unwanted energies are always taken to the light, when necessary, and other energies are dealt with as appropriate, allowing them to go onwards on their natural progression.

Negative thoughts and emotions of the people living in the household build up and produce energy cords that can affect the occupants. People are more susceptible to the subtle influences of their environment than they realise, even though they cannot usually verbalise these feelings.

Houses or buildings where you were aware of an uncomfortable energy that you could not explain, were probably due to vibrations from the past that had built up and created almost a life of their own. Perhaps you noticed an atmosphere when you moved into a new home, where many thoughts and emotions from the previous occupants would have flowed. Maybe there have been unexplained accidents to you or to visitors in your home. A house that contains happy memories will be a welcoming home. In most cases, negative feelings are balanced out by happiness and love.

With Space Clearing we work psychically through the rooms releasing any entities to the light. A Space Clearing can leave the area feeling fresh and uncluttered, bringing the sparkle and love back to your household.