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Spirit Releasing involves the cleansing and clearing of the body, mind and spirit to eliminate obsolete or unwanted ties from unhealthy cords of attachment no longer appropriate for spiritual balance and harmony.

Cords of attachment can occur as a result of mental or physical conditions such as:

* Anxiety, stress, mood swings and memory problems
* Multiple personalities
* Depression, behaviour changes
* Shock, bereavement and panic attacks
* Recurring nightmares
* Loss of energy for no apparent reason
* Substance/alcohol/food/childhood abuse
* Hearing voices or sensing threatening presences

These cords exist on an energetic level, are not limited by time or space and are channels for energy which can build up and become very real. They can manifest as Dark Force Entities, E.T.s, Thought Forms or even Lost Souls. Negative cords can be a drain on health, could cause energy loss and can even lead to depression and serious illness.

Using hypnosis to create a relaxed state of mind and with permission from the client's higher self, it is possible to view these cords of attachment.

This therapy is usually carried out via remote viewing, so the client needn't be in the same town, county or even country as the therapist. It is always done at the request of the client and with permission from their higher self. Requests can be made for a 3rd party but it is preferable for permission to be obtained where possible and must be for their highest good. Entities are rescued and taken to the light and the client is released from negative/alien invasion.

A full report is sent to the client within a few days of the therapy, together with connection, protection, grounding advice and suggested meditations.